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Yoga Slings and Aerial Yoga - Blog 30 nov 2013: lees artikel hier  
By Andrew Wrenn
I am often reminded though different books and teachings of non attachment. However, when it comes to practicing yoga suspended a few metres from the ceiling you certainly don't want to lose your attachment!

Purist zeal
When I first set out upon the path of yoga I was fuelled by a purist zeal. Even sticky mats to me were an unnecessary prop. Yoga I felt should be as simple and available to all, no matter where you lived and required no extra costs. If possible, weather permitting,  the outdoors was the perfect studio. I still hold to this  idea and practice this whenever I can. However, it's good to have an open and receptive mind and to experience the rich tapestry of this life.

I was curious about the various forms of yoga practiced in silken hammocks suspended fron the ceiling or from trees. I had to have a try, which I did, and I enjoyed the experience..

It evoked memories of childhood, or the motion of being on the ocean.  There can be a feeling of weightlessness, of being surrounded by prana/energy.

Face fear
Physiologically, the practice strengthens the core,  the arms, and the grip (which no other yoga practice does). As you hang suspended by the  hips,  it provides great release for the spine.

Physiologically,  you face fear, you have to trust, you also enjoy!

Practice in a sling is now part of my weekly routine. I try not to confine myself to a particular type of yoga,  your practice,  your life is about experiencing. .. So if you get the chance, try out a yoga sling.


Santé April 2013: lees artikel hier


De yogaswing  
De yogaswing is een veelzijdig trainingshulpmiddel dat je kunt gebruiken voor verschillende oefeningen. Bonus: ook je kinderen zullen er gek op zijn.

Wat kun je ermee?
Met de yogaswing kun je klassiek yogaoefeningen beter en effectiever uitvoeren. Heb je rug- of nekklachten dan kun je op lichamelijk
gebied veel baat hebben bij de yogaswing. Een andere bijzondere oefening is een aantal minuten ondersteboven hangen.

Op zijn kop
Door een paar minuten op zijn kop te hangen (inversie) kun je alles letterlijk en figuurlijk vanuit een ander perspectief zijn. Daarnaast kan het je nek- en rugwervels weer op de goede plek zetten en pijnklachten verzachten.

For fun
Wanneer je de yogaswing niet gebruikt voor je oefeningen, kunnen de kinderen ermee spelen en schommelen. Daarnaast schijnen opvallend veel mannen de yogaswing te gebruiken. De yogaswing (€115) is dus een investering voor het hele gezin.

Op een aantal locaties in Nederland kun je workshops en lessen volgen met de yogaswing. Kijk voor meer informatie op 

Inlivin - 5 mei 2013: lees artikel hier


Do you like to fly?             
If you ever liked the sensation of hanging upside down from the monkey bars in the local playground, then here is something that may interest you: Aerial yoga! It is a whole new technical form of yoga that is being introduced to more studios throughout the Netherlands. Aerial yoga has become very popular these days and with good reason.... it's fun!

Aerial Yoga’s Origins
Take your yoga or Pilates practice to a whole new level. Practice traditional yoga postures suspended in the air! An exciting 
new innovation in yoga has been developed that brings a new perspective and energy to the practice. Poses that would otherwise be restricted, become more accessible with the support of a swing.  Deepen your backbends, open the hips and practice inversions all with the aid of gravity. Aerial yoga is revolutionary in relieving compressed joints and aligning the body from head to 
toe. It offers you the ability to stretch and strengthen, but is also a therapeutic. Hanging upside down for example, is ideal for gentle stretching and traction of the spine. It can alleviate muscular tension and pain as well and promotes increased joint mobility and circulation of the blood. All these in turn promote good health and well being.

So what kind of gear is needed?
 A special hammock acts as a soft trapeze and support, while you master simple inversions and finally progress to more 
advanced poses. Aerial yoga can be practiced with a soft fabric hammock or with a strong parachute nylon yogaswing. A yogaswing comes with three handles at varying height, which enables you to achieve any conceivable posture, angle, movement, stretch or exercise imaginable. Anything is possible from vertical to horizontal to inversion and everything in between.

Aside from all of the physical benefits, Aerial yoga is fun too! You have to experience it to really appreciate the unlimited possibilities. Aerial yoga is suitable for all ages and yoga and Pilates levels. Professionals, enthusiasts and even complete novices will enjoy 
a new perspective on an old favorite.

This article was written with assistance from Melanie Aldewereld. Melanie is a Wellness Consultant with a strong background in health and wellbeing who promotes Aerial Yoga in the Netherlands. Melanie organizes Aerial Yoga workshops and offers online the original and high quality yogaswing. Initially she practiced with the yogaswing to create a new treatment, until she discovered the endless possibilities of aerial yoga. And as Melanie explains..."Only with good health we can enjoy the pleasures of life." Read more 
about Aerial Yoga workshops and yogaswing at